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25+ Buttermilk Burger Recipes Images

25+ Buttermilk Burger Recipes
. This dough uses full fat cultured buttermilk an egg (yum and yum). For a tasty and healthy dish, try my oven baked buttermilk chicken burger recipe.

Tennessee Temptation
Tennessee Temptation from www.lantmannen-unibake.com

Delicious buttermilk fried chicken burger with bacon, cheese, cos, kewpie mayo and hot sauce on a the first time i tasted buttermilk fried chicken i was hooked. Buttermilk is used in cooking and baking to add thickness and tartness to a dish. Instead of using 1 cup of milk, use coconut milk!

Buttermilk is a magical ingredient.

25 tangy, tasty buttermilk recipes (that aren't just sweets). Here is the recipe of buttermilk dosa, another dosa from er's kitchen. This crispy chicken burger recipe is absolutely delicious! I am still looking to improve our burgers.